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Writing Focus

Starting Sentences in Different Ways

Try to avoid common words like :

  • I

  • They

  • My

  • His/hers/he/she

Once upon a time there was a girl named Gretle. She likes cookies. She liked fall. She started walking to her grandmother's for her favourite gingersnap cookies. She
 liked the sound of the leaves crunching as she walked. Suddenly, she heard a growl coming from the bushes. She ran fast. Then she tripped on a log and fell. Then the
 bushes were shaking even harder. She jumped to her feet to run away. Then the creature jumped from the bushes. She saw it was only her puppy who followed her. Then Gretle had to take her puppy with her. Then the puppy at Grandma's cookies. Then the puppy had to stay outside. Once Gretle had eaten all the cookies, she went home with her puppy. Then Gretle got ready for bed. The end

Try these instead!

sentence starter rubric.png
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