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Frank Slide Art

We will be learning how to draw a"perspective" landscape (making scenery appear closer or farther away). Since we have been reading Shadows of Disaster, we are going to use the landscape of The Crowsnest Pass and The Frank Slide as our inspiration.

Step 1: Watch this video to learn about the basics of drawing perspective

Extra videos if you need more help
Notice that all these photos have a road or a path that lead to the mountain? Also, the mountain has fallen, so the "slide" should be depicted in your picture.

Step 2: Choose a photo for inspiration

frank rocks.jpg
Frank Slide.jpg
frank 2.jpg

Step 3: Get a piece of paper from the teacher and open your GROWTH MINDSET! 

THIS WILL BE HARD! It is okay if you mess up or if your landscape doesn't look like a professional artist drew it. This is your first try at this.In your drawing,  I am looking for the following things:
* Use of perspective (are the things that are closer to the viewer larger? It there a vanishing point? is there a horizon?)
*Do you have a road or a path?
*Did you include the rock slide?
*Can you tell that the picture you chose was your inspiration (Does it have similar features?)
*You took your time to shade and colour in your landscape

good luck

do your best

have fun!

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